Take Action to Help Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole!

Four men: As a teenagers, they were convicted of murder. Each could have been sentenced to life in prison without parole: a sentence to die in prison. Instead, they got different sentences, and the chance to work towards parole and prove they merited a chance to be back in the community. Now, after serving lengthy prison sentences, these men are out and giving back to the community. The way they grew, changed, and matured after their crime demonstrates the potential of young people. Continue reading to find out how you can take action. Continue reading

Speaking From Pain: Victim Family Members on California’s SB9

Murder victim family members speak about life sentences for youth: California sentences to youth to prison for life without the possibility of parole. It is a sentence to die in prison. The California legislature is considering changing this law. If passed, Senate Bill 9 would create the chance for people who were sentenced as youth to work toward parole. These murder victim family members believe that young people, even those who commit a crime like murder, deserve a second chance.

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